Gulyás család Tök

First of all, we would like to congratulate on your high-quality website. We would also like to thank you for your accurate work and for always being here at the promised time. You helped us a lot by giving advice, sharing ideas (e.g., interior doors, masonry arches) It is good to see that you take delight in your "piece of art” together with us; you don't just consider it as your work, but also as a challenge. The work is not finished for you with the delivery, you always have new ideas to make things nicer (it is how the fence was made and the furniture renovated). In one word, thank you and your kind colleagues for contributing to the amazing renewal of my parental house. May you remain a perfectionist and continue doing your work with such enthusiasm. We wish you great success in it and good health.
The Gulyás family

Szuhay Péter, Zsólyomi Beáta

More then 20 years ago we bought an old peasant/civic house, as it used to be called, a "Kulak" house just a stone's throw, about 30 kilometers, from Budapest. A house with its reality is a commitment for the owners, we thought, so for us there really was no question to try and modernize the house while preserving its dignity, the beauty of the past, which later even might have been ashamed. The windows were in a bad condition, dried out, the paint was flaking, the wind was blowing through the cracks, in case of bad weather the rain and the snow were even driven in by the wind, but alas, because of their ornamentation we didn't want to toss them out.We were looking for a "master" joiner (it's dreadful to write after Jesus read a lesson to the "master" locksmith) who would make reproduction windows of our old windows, but with good insulation and from high quality material. Thereby we found, on recommendation of our friends in Budakeszi, Tamás Szabó, master joiner, whose workshop we could have seen from the coach twice a day hadn'we been completely lost in our reading. First we only had the window and door with the worst lockings changed. (Don't trust to luck!) When they were proven to work well, good and pleasant to the eyes, we decided to change some other windows and doors. Tamás helped us with design ideas, we consulted him on modernization (how to have tilt and turn windows, how to put back old shutters, how to have them painted). As our house is quite big we still have some more windows and doors that need changing. In the future we will have them painted before the installation because masonry, however carefully it is done, leaves traces on the wood. We have recommended Tamás Szabó to many friends and acquaintances so far, and we heartily recommend him to everybody.
Péter Szuhay, Beáta Zsólyomi, Tök

Tóth Eszter, Tinnye

Our house was constructed in Tinnye in 1930. Mihály Kardos, master joiner, built it for his family. This excellent craftsman must have made the windows and doors for his own house with very special care. In 1973 our family bought the uninhabited house, which was in a very bad condition. Because of our narrow expenses we couldn't afford the replacement of the windows and doors until now. We honour the memory of the builder and cherish the traditions of our ancient village so we insisted to copy the original fine-cut windows, but combine them with today's comfort. After getting acquainted with Tamás Szabó's work, we entrusted him with manufacturing the windows for our house. The wooden windows were made with the assistance of a wood-carver, they have tilting and opening functions and are a precise copy of the original ones. They are well insulated not only for heat and air but also for the noise of the traffic passing in front of our house. Judging from the waste, they used good quality dry wood. We are very pleased with Tamás Szabó's work, we wish him great succes for his future work.
Eszter Tóth, Tinnye

Dentus KFT Budapest We hereby would like to express our thanks to the Perbálablak Ltd., that changed the windows of our consulting rooms with great professionalism.
It wasn't an easy task as they had to bring in harmony the house built in the 19th century and the consulting room which had been brought into the 21th century. We appreciate their work aesthetically and functionally, our patients cannot praise enough the beautiful windows. We are particularly pleased with the sound insulation, which make the treatments as quiet as possible.”
Dentus KFT, Budapest XII., Kiss János Altábornagy street.

Bakai család, Tök We began renewing my grandfather's house in 2010. The windows and doors had to be replaced. We realised that the windows of some of the neighbouring houses had been replaced by new ones which had different ornaments and colours but were in similar style. We were told that all of them had been manufactured by Tomi.
The windows and doors made by him can be seen from a distance, they are well designed and have a distinctive individual character with different ornaments and colours. We wished to have such things. We met Tomi and we could come to an agreement with him. We clarified the size, colour and surface treatment of the windows and doors, how to make them, with or without glass, with matte or plain glass, how and on which side to open them, how many devisions to have, etc.. Tomi made everything exactly as we had planned and for the agreed price. They were ready precisely on time, he delivered and installed the products on the stated date. He perfectly kept to our agreement. We are very happy with our new windows and doors, to our greatest satisfaction they have been operating well ever since.
Zoltán Bakai and his family, Tök

Sárdi Gábor, Budajenő In Spring, 2010, after several checking-ups with Tamás Szabó we decided to choose Perbálablak for the manufacturing and installment of the exterior and interior windows and doors of our future family house. It played an important part in making our decision that Perbálablak uses the latest technology for manufacturing (e.g.: three layer glass for heat insulation, certification by a German accredited testing institute) in order to make aesthetic and excellent quality windows and doors of pseudo-historic design. The quality of their products, the good relationship between us having developed during the preliminary talks, and last but not least getting good value for money - were all important aspects of our decision. While we were designing the windows and doors, Tamás was always ready to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of our plans - in case he had objection to a particular idea, he didn't hide it. So, for example, we decided to have wooden roller blinds, instead of the shutters that we had originally planned because of the frequent windstorms in the area and we haven't regretted our decision. During the installment of the windows and doors, we had a very positive experience of Tamás's colleagues, the quality represented by Tamás was reflected from their work and they always kept the appointed dates. The house is defined by its windows, the first thing our guests realise is their beauty. All in all, we are very pleased with Perbálablak and we can recommend them to anyone who is looking for high quality, aesthetic wooden windows and doors. Finally, I would like to mention that Tamás has his firm's products at heart even after the installment, he has come to us with his colleagues several times since then to check the ironwork and do the necessary precision adjustments where needed after a year's intensive usage,
Gábor Sárdi, Budajenő

Csoma család

We wanted to have nice, well-shaped windows for our family house. We had a picture of them in our minds, but we didn't know where to get them. While we were surfing the internet, we found Perbálablak, and as soon as we saw the website, we already knew that we had found the right company, accordingly, just in the same village where we were building our house. After contacting him promptly, during the preliminary talks, Tamás Szabó turned out to be a helpful, creative, conscientious and flexible craftsman. Seeing the manufactured windows and doors, we decided to get him to make the the kitchen cabinets as well, and if I can say that, they turned out to be even more beautiful. I can heartily recommend Perbálablak and Tamás Szabó, master joiner for those who want value for money.
Csoma family, Perbál